Bachelor Bridging Admission Information

Registered nurses with Diploma qualification with a minimum of three years experience qualify to pursue the Bachelor of Nursing Science Bridging Course. Applications are invited from those who wish to upgrade their qualification. The program includes 6 courses. Each course will cost $780.00.Registration and Enrollment fee will cost $70 per trimester.

Integrated throughout the course are the concepts of communication, values clarification, conflict resolution, family oriented health care, basic research processes, leadership, change theory and coalition building. Theoretical, clinical and community based learning are intertwined throughout the course in order to promote a collaborative health team approach to learning.The students will be appraised using a variety of performance evaluation tools based on a continuous assessment of knowledge-base and psychomotor skills.

The completed application form to be sent to:

The Director,

Sangam College of Nursing,

P.O. Box 2047, Labasa.

For further information please contact Bridging Clerk on phone:(+679)8201230 or by E-mail

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